Alison & Monty – 1:1 Training

We started with our boxer Monty when he was a young pup,
The classes were really friendly and small that you could get to know people and their pups.
The classes were well structured and great fun too.
We learned a lot from Kate
So much so that when Monty became a little bigger and difficult to walk, we booked a 1-1 session with Kate.
She came to out home discussed our concerns and off we went.
She brought leads, harness that we could try and was full of great ideas and techniques we could try.
I now walk Monty alone and he’s a pleasure, he no longer pulls and we enjoy our walks a lot more.
We have contacted Kate a couple of times over various things and she always has time to listen and give advice, it will be a number that will be staying in our phones.
Thanks Kate