Level 2 Sessions

A variety of focused sessions per date

Sessions which follow on from foundation or basic training courses previously attended.

Examples are: introduction to agility, scentwork, what is flyball, focus work!

Includes POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT theory through techniques to work through in class and at home. DOG TRAINING IS A CONTINUOUS ACTIVITY FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG and needs to be fun fun fun!
You need to practice regularly at home to ensure you both reach the desired level of training by the conclusion of the course.

You and your dog will better understand:
Dog handling and management skills
Dog behaviour and body language
Control and trust, building stronger bond from foundation level
Reading your dog when out and about (what makes him/her anxious, excited – what should i do?)

Your dog will build on basic life skills and behaviours through:
Socialisation and Habituation (experiencing and learning to react safely to other living things)
Building confidence
Advanced learned behaviours (watch (eye contact), settle/relax, come when called, sit, down, stand, loose lead walking, greeting and meeting other dogs)

Objectives for each session differ but all will improve your relationship with your dog(s).

They will provide handlers/owners with ideas of new fun content which they can take home and work on.

All sessions will provide a positive learning environment for both you and your dog and are flexible regarding content.

Socialisation/Safe play
Examination of your dog
Group walk during one week (recall practice)
Recall to handler on demand

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