Mike & Max – dog walking long term

I’d initially anticipated only using them to look after my mothers dog for three weeks whilst away, but when we came back Kate appeared to have gelled really well with Max, so I decided to carry on the walks.

Now I can’t ever imagine doing without this service. She seems to do a brilliant job teaching Max his manners, playing with him, being affectionate with him (He’s a very soppy dog) even disciplining Max regarding commands such as sit, stay, stop, go on then. even suggesting remedies or if needed a vets visit. it’s all part of the service. (some people may not like this, but to be practical, if a professional person has suggested it then it’s only common sense to follow it up). I feel confident that Max is being looked after as best he could be, he’s now got a regular friend and guardian to look after him, and that is worth such a lot to Mum and Max, as well as myself.