Puppy Training – My Puppy is crying at night..what can i do?!

When a new puppy arrives in your home, they are likely to be scared, unsure and nervous of what is going on. They are used to being with mum/dad and other siblings where things are secure, warm and cuddly and where pup has not had to experience much at this early stage in life.

Hopefully before you’ve brought pup home, you have thought about a pup crate/area and what your plan is for night times. If not, here is a few snippets of advice for training your puppy for a successful nights sleep…

1. Position your puppy’s crate next to your bed, when your pup cries/moans put your hand down so pup can smell it (this replaces mum who would nuzzle pup to reassure it at night). Do this regularly and pup will start to become relaxes throughout the night knowing your are near to her/him and they are not alone.
2. As things improve throughout the first week, slowly move the crate away from your bed but be careful not to move distance too quickly or you will have to revert backwards.
3. Over time (first few months) you can reach the stage where pup’s crate in on the landing, then downstairs and in the designated room where pup will be normally (ie kitchen, lounge etc).

4. An alternative, which some owners prefer (normally if they do not want dog upstairs), is a member of the family sleeping in a downstairs room doing the same routine as above.