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A 10 week course covers all the basics you would need plus lots more! Class sizes are kept small (10 dogs max) to ensure each owner learns the most at each class.

From basic manners, strengthening your bond with your dog, body language, safe play, introduction to easy walking and recall basics are covered plus lots of focus work which form a great basis for most training.

There is a mix of theory and practical exercises and you also need to practice at home to get the most out of the classes! To get a taste of classes, please visit the training Facebook page.

Kate is an IMDT accredited trainer and a member of the PPGBI, which promotes force free training and encourages lots of positive fun ways to learn plus have a great time!

TO GET STARTED WHY NOT HAVE A SESSION AT HOME? Great to start some training in your pups home environment or while they are mid way through their vaccinations. Call Kate to discuss.

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