4Paws highly recommends these harnesses and is a stockist with supplies of 20mm and 40mm harnesses.

Required measurements/info:
Girth measurement and details of your dog such as breed, sex, age and general size.

Kate can provide advice on the most suitable size of harness which is matched against your dogs’ information.

The advantage of a stockist is that we can try various sections of the harness to get the ‘perfect fit’!

To view a video on this harness, please visit https://www.dog-games-shop.co.uk/perfect-fit-fleece-dog-harness.html or Dog Games’, Perfect Fit facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PerfectFitHarness/

Jude needs some guidance and strong management when on her walks. She needs the 40mm harness due to her breed and weight!

Spike, a young boxer has the 20mm harness here. Lots of growth room when required.


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