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Puppy School
Sundays 4-5pm, starting 29 May
Tuesdays 7-8pm, starting 10 May

Beginners course
Sundays 5.30-6.30pm starting 29 May

Single workshops (see Facebook page)

If you would like to add your name to either the Perfect Puppy School (5 months and under)Sunday OR Teenage/ Adult Beginner (5 months plus) please contact Kate.

All courses are run in a relaxed and fun environment for both handlers and dogs, offering lots of great skills, knowledge and experience! Take a look at the Facebook Feed.

LOCATION: Clayton Community Centre, Northwood Lane ST5 4BT.


Why 4 Paws?

Whether you are a new dog owner or just need a bit of guidance to help with a specific issue, 4Paws dog training can help.

It can be daunting not knowing what to do when you have a dog showing some unwanted or worrying behaviour. I provide consultations to fully discuss your situation and then we work together to introduce manageable training.

I am a member of the IMDT (institute of modern dog training) and have attended numerous courses over the past few years.

I am passionate and dedicated about providing the best advice and all training is reinforcement based with no ‘forced’ techniques.

1:1 Training

You may prefer specific help with an issue(s) at home or when out on walks, so 1:1 focused training is also available.

4Paws Dog Training offers 1:1 Consultations and Training sessions in your home or other locations, dependant upon type of training required.

Prices are dependant upon your location and depth of training required. Consultations covers completion of a form, notes, full discussions on issues at hand and plan of actions with a start on introducing new techniques and routines. You will also be emailed some notes from the sessions.

Great learning through fun workshops and classes!

To keep up to date with new courses and workshops, join the Facebook page:

Code of Ethics & Accreditation

Kate is an fully accredited trainer with the IMDT (The Institute of Modern Dog Training).

Part of this membership requires the following of the below code of ethics:

  • To train dogs and behave professionally with honesty, integrity and in the best interest of the dog, owner, Public and The IMDT.
  • Actively provide and promote force-free training methods and actively reject any methods or equipment that may cause physical or mental discomfort.
  • Continue Professional development through Re-Assessment, self-study, workshops, courses & seminars.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of clients.
  • Carry suitable professional insurance including public liability.
  • Members agree to work within their professional limits and agree to refer owners with needs beyond those limits to a suitable professional.
  • Provide and promote science based, proven dog training principles to a high, professional standard.
  • Avoid positive punishment as a tool for training dogs.
  • Accept IMDT Committee decisions as final after appeals process.
  • Proactively benefit dogs and dog owners.
  • Proactively promote The IMDT and Associated Bodies.
Why use a Qualified IMDT trainer?
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4Paws Dog Training highly recommends this harness!

4Paws advises owners, new and old to use a harness instead of a collar for walks. This prevents damage to your dog’s neck and vocal cords.

The Perfect Fit Harness is great for training loose lead walking with the use of a double ended lead. More info:

4Paws stocks the most common sizes (20mm) and provides a fitting and advisory service.

Dog Training

Perfect Puppy School (under 5 mths)

Adolescent & Adult Beginners (6 months +)

Improvers classes (for dogs which have attended a basic course)

1:1 Consultations & Sessions
(prices variable)

IMDT accredited Trainer

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£15 per class

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